Low Hanging Fruit

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HArry TRUMP (DIrty Harry)

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Brendan Tripodi (Trip)

est. 1995 | New York | @TripLHF

Revolutionary minded and naturally gifted, Trip is a native of Westchester, New York. The former division 1 baseball player moved to Colorado in 2016 and shortly after, LHF was formed. His music openly and passionately expresses a wide variety of emotions that everyone has felt. He is a person who refuses to be anyone but himself, while looking out for the betterment of his people. We are ecstatic to see what his future has to offer!

est. 1996 | San Fransisco | @Harry.Trump

Learning and performing music from a very early age, Harry Trump, a native to San Francisco, CA, started producing beats in high school.  Later, while attending CU Boulder, he met Soup and Trip and founded Low Hanging Fruit.  His music and beats reflect a wide range of influences from classical to funk.  His experiences in California, Colorado, and abroad have shaped his identity as producer and as a person. 

Soup De’Jour (Soup)

est. 1997 | Denver | @SoupLHF

Creative Soup De’Jour is a native to Denver, CO. A former D1 athlete turned rapper in 2017. His lyrics illustrate a roller coaster lifestyle full of peaks and valleys. Nothing in this world stays the same, you’re either getting better or worse. Everyday brings a new journey for this starving artist. We can’t wait to see what else he has to offer his community and the world. 5280 stand up!



We celebrate our differences, and recognize our similarities 

We are responsible for our actions and learn from our mistakes. 

We work hard and we play hard, we help each other learn and stand up for what is right. 

We care about ourselves, each other and our community this is what we do even when no one is watching 



- Headlining Show ~200 tickets

- direct support for YBN Nahmir

- direct support for GHerbo

- direct support for GZA from WU TANG 

- direct support for Kill the Noise 

*Averaged 100 tickets sales at each


-Main support for A-Boogie wit a Hoodie



-Main Stage Act 



-Headlined numerous college shows around the country. CU BOULDER, CU DENVER, ELON UNIVERSITY, MIAMI OF OHIO (opened for Afroman), HEADLINED AT UNIVERSITY OF HONOLULU



-1st Place in CU Boulder Battle of Bands 

-Headlined art showcase at DAVA in Denver

-Main act in CU Boulder's 2017 Culture Shock


Liam Brodie's Review "The Fruit Tape


Low Hanging Fruit released their first full length album, The Fruit Tape, in mid 2017, around the beginning of CU Boulder’s fall semester. With summer break over and students eager to return back to the land of day drinking under the Colorado sun, wild night-time ragers, and beautiful adventures in the mountains, The Fruit released an album that aimed to encompass the identity of Boulder’s party scene; full of bumpin’ beats and witty rhymes, the 23 track album is comprised of songs that for the most part are meant to be party bangers. However, meaningful and elaborate lyrics are thrown into every track, adding intelligence to a subgenre of rap that typically doesn’t concern itself with complexity. Combining lyrical sophistication, production that throws down, and an image that is easily relatable to anybody that wanders “The Hill” on Friday night, Low Hanging Fruit is CU’s most acclaimed local rap group.


The group is comprised of rappers Brendan “Trip” Tripodi, Soup De’jour, producer Dirty Harry, and videographer-producer Avery Gollnick (lhfmob.com). Forming at the University of Colorado in 2016, the four members of Low Hanging Fruit have since released two full length albums, one mixtape, a multitude of singles, half a dozen music videos, and an 11 minute documentary. Self-produced and promoted, the work ethic of Low Hanging Fruit throughout its relatively short lifetime is commendable by any standards. 


Regardless of The Fruit’s target audience, they have managed to garner a niche following of college students nationwide, notably fraternity bros. Having headlined shows at CU Boulder, CU Denver, Elon University, University of Honolulu, and Boulder’s Fox Theatre, Low Hanging Fruit has surpassed the “soundcloud rapper” phase, rising to a level above purely internet content through live performances and stunning music videos. Low Hanging Fruit has also opened for some well-known acts such as Aphroman, GZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and A Boogie wit a Hoodie (lhfmob.com).  


Public image is a huge part of every rapper and rap groups identity. Because of the fierce competitiveness of today's music industry, being unique, and managing to promote that uniqueness, is of vital importance to any rapper hoping to start and sustain a career. For example, Kendrick Lamar conjures images of Compton, Snoop Dog of smoking weed, and Future of sipping lean. As suggested in their name, Low Hanging Fruit has chosen to use berries and pineapples as the way to separate them from the pack. When performing, as a way to pump up the crowd, The Fruit bring onstage various fruits and throw them into the crowd. When I attended their show at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, my friend was lucky enough to catch a tangerine thrown in our direction, showcasing the personality of the group and their connection with audience members. From album artwork to in-song shoutouts, Low Hanging Fruit has legitimately embraced fruit to represent them to the world. 


The essence of the The Fruit Tape is to be a party banger album. Loud, thumping bass parts run rampant throughout and are often accompanied by fast rapping and entertaining lyrical content. Similar to more well-known party rap, many of the songs contain themes such as, making lots of money, smoking weed, ordering bottles, and finessing women. 


The songs “Sideways” and “Ice” are great examples of the type of songs The Fruit is trying to push out with this album. “Sideways” combines a background of pounding gong sounds and striking piano notes with deep loud thumping bass, to create a beat that ignorant jersey wearing hooligans could be spraying bottles too. In one section of the first verse, Trip raps about three topics that feel almost necessary for a modern rap banger: throwing money, “going hard” everyday, and buying designer clothes. “Ice” integrates soothing synths and autotuned vocal harmonies with more subtle bass, allowing Trip and Soup’s rapping to be the forefront of the track. 


What separates The Fruit from other party rappers is their clever comedy, references to Boulder culture, and loving messages. During a verse in “Ice” Trip raps, “I fuck, then I smoke, then I mediate”, a sequence of activities that is probably more common among CU Boulder students than any other colleges student body . The chorus of “Ice” is,  “Ice in my veins, love in my heart, chain on the neck, tat on the chest, goddamn I’m so fresh”. This is part mainstream rap culture-esqe and another part Boulder hippie (love in my heart), demonstrating how The Fruit incorporate Boulder culture into their songs. 


While I would consider both these songs bangers, they make me want to turn-up for different reasons. “Sideways” is a song that is focused on body rattling bass that courses through the bodies of jumping crowd members, while “Ice” is more lyrically focused, getting listeners hyped to impressive flows and lyrical acrobatics. Material like this when incorporated into rap songs creates music that many people feel obligated to go hard to, as if listening to it is motivation to get up off the couch and head to a massive house party. 


If you only had one song to showcase Low Hanging Fruit, their breakout hit, “Colorado Party”, would have to be on the top of the radar. What has to be their catchiest and Boulder influenced song, “Colorado Party” is the epitome of The Fruit’s personality and character. The beat has trap high hats, deep bass, and high pitched synths to create a memorable, bangin’ instrumental that most rappers should be jealous of. Arguably, this beat is the best one on the album, yet it is certainly not the loudest. This is because this song plays to The Fruit’s best strengths, Trip and Soup’s flow and lyricism. Showcasing multiple rap flows and amusing humor, the rapping on “Colorado Party” is fantastic. A few hilarious and imaginative lines featured are, “spread the love throughout the day, and the checks throughout the evenin’”, “got a jacket man I’m cozy, check the pocket got a forty”, and “all these parents gettin’ mad, bumpin’ trap out in the burbs”. CU Boulder students can specifically relate to this song because of its title, and the repeated line “It’s a Colorado Party man you know this shit gets snowy”. Amazingly, this song is the biggest reason why Low Hanging Fruit has obtained a small cult following in fraternities across the country. While seemingly unrelatable outside of Colorado, “Colorado Party” resonates with other hardcore partiers due to its catchyness and overall swagger. 


Despite their relatively small following, Low Hanging Fruit has been gaining momentum and popularity, leaving me to believe that they have a fair shot at becoming a big name. The Fruit Tape is an excellent album, it’s fun to listen to, and a great first impression for an up-and-coming group. If you want want to throw a crazy college party play some Fruit and see what happen.